When the Passion is Gone, There’s Hope

When it comes to making love, which is worse: losing desire or losing the ability?

We’ve all seen the ads for erectile disorder drugs. The massive profits being made from these drugs testifies to the perceived demand. But in my experience, a problem of equal if not greater importance is the loss of passion. All too often, the lack of sexual function is less an issue of blood flow, which is what those drugs are designed to address, but more frequently, the underlying problem is a loss of passion for life in general, including sexuality.

People who are so tired and stressed that they can barely drag themselves to the end of the day have very little left over for romance by the time the sun sets. My goal is usually to help my patients regain the drive, ambition, and enthusiasm for life that they had in past years. If we accomplish that, there is usually much less need for the ED drugs.

Skincare From the Inside Out Through ALA Supplementation

Mature beauty

I once knew a young model who paid $400 an ounce for skin cream. When I asked her why she chose that particular cream, she said, “It’s the best.” When I asked her how she knew it was the best, her answer was “because it’s the most expensive”.

When I looked at the ingredients, I was able to make a rough estimate their total cost, which was about $.70 per ounce. I would love to sell something that cost $.70 for $400, but my conscience would never let me go there. But let me share something with you that may help you to both look and function better, inside and out for a whole lot less money.

One of my favorite antioxidants is alpha lipoic acid. I usually recommend between 600 and 800 mg two or three times per day. It is one of the most potent antioxidants around. It makes skin positively glow. As for cost, no matter which brand you choose, it should be in the range of $35 a month.

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Testosterone Levels Are Related to Heart Attacks

A low normal testosterone level may increase your risk of dying from a heart attack.

126 men who were admitted to the intensive care unit for fresh heart attacks had their testosterone levels evaluated. These men were then followed for the next 30 days to see how they did. 16 men died, and 110 men survived. However, 100% of the men who died had testosterone levels in the bottom 25 percentile of the normal range. Their testosterone was not low. In fact, it was within a range in which there are a few American doctors who would recommend testosterone supplementation, but everyone who died was within that low normal range.

Once more, we have good evidence that being normal is not enough. Where you are within the normal range can make the difference in living and dying. As I keep saying, normal is not acceptable. Shoot for optimal.

Spend Your Money on Something Other Than Your Annual Checkup

The annual medical checkup is worthless.

You have probably heard that you should go to your doctor at least once a year to get your annual checkup. But a recent meta-analysis of 14 large studies demonstrated that annual exams seem to have no significant impact on your health or survival. In fact, serious questions were raised about not just the unnecessary cost of the yearly routine physical, but about both the cost and harm being done to people due to over diagnosis and treatment of conditions that are found during the exams.

It seems that people who seldom or never get their annual physicals develop serious conditions, get hospitalized or die, at about the same rate as those who do. People who do go for their annual physicals spend a lot more money on both medications and medical care during their lifetime. But they are no healthier!

Spend your money with a comprehensive and preventative clinic like Longevity Medical Clinic. We believe we can really have an impact on your long-term health. Attend a free seminar!

Ditching the Disease Management Model

We don’t have a healthcare system. What we have is a disease management system, but disease management is just second rate.

We should be working to make you as healthy as possible. Failing that, our fallback should be treating disease. Unfortunately, most doctors spend virtually all of their time treating disease rather than improving health. But improving health requires active participation by Dr. and patient, while treating disease is often done with the patient in a passive role. Unfortunately, most physicians have focused on treating disease for so long they don’t even know what the optimal laboratory and physiologic ranges are anymore.

When you see your doctor don’t accept normal as the goal. Ask what the optimal range is. If your doctor doesn’t know the difference between optimal and normal, change doctors.

Women: Be Blunt with Your Man

It drives men crazy when a woman says, “well, if I have to tell you,” but here’s a newsflash – you do need to tell us.

The brains of men and women function very differently. We do not perceive ourselves or the world around us in the same way. Women are extremely good at interpreting body language and nonverbal social cues. We men are only good at recognizing potential threats. Men are pretty much hopeless when it comes to recognizing the social and emotional needs of a woman.

It’s not that we are trying to ignore you. It’s not that we don’t care. We just stink at nonverbal communication.

If you want the man in your life to know something, tell him. Tell him straight out, in simple words, and be sure you have his attention when you say it. Otherwise, we will miss what you’re trying to convey.

“Normal” is Not Acceptable

When doctors say “normal” patients hear “good”. But in medicine, normal has a very specific meaning.

Normal is arbitrarily defined as encompassing 95% of the population. When your doctor says your test was normal, what he is really saying is that you are better off than at least 2.5% of the population on one end of the scale or the other. If your brain, heart, lungs, or bones are better than 3% or 97% of the people, you are equally normal. I don’t know about you, but given a choice, I will choose to be better than 97% rather than 3% every time. When your doctor says your test was normal for your age, it means at least 2% of the old fogies in your age group are worse off than you.

That is not acceptable. Tell your doctor that you won’t accept normal; you want optimal.

How to Grow Thick, Smooth, and Attractive Skin


One unpleasant aspect of normal aging is that we start developing wrinkles and creases on our faces. Botox and fillers have become the fix of choice.

While paralyzing muscles and injecting fillers under the skin covers up the problem, it’s not my favorite approach. I would rather help people grow thicker, more elastic, and more attractive skin. One of my favorite tricks is to have the compounding pharmacy make up a progesterone cream in a vanishing cream base. This can be applied lightly to the areas around the eyes, forehead, or mouth twice a day. The progesterone stimulates the skin to grow thicker and become more elastic. While it will not fill in deep creases or wrinkles, it does a very nice job of filling or at least softening, the fine wrinkles that usually appear in middle-age.

This trick does not involve needles or expensive fillers. It’s fast, easy, cheap and natural.

Belly Fat Has Been Shown to Predict ED

By now everyone has seen those TV ads for erectile disorder drugs. And while they are useful for people who need them, an even better idea is not to need them in the first place.

What the ads don’t tell you is that the single best indicator as to whether or not you’re going to need their product is right in front of you, it’s the size of your belly. There is a direct relationship between the size of a man’s abdomen and his risk of needing erectile disorder drugs. Men with firm flat bellies rarely need these medications. Men whose bellies hide their belt buckles need help all too often.

Ladies, if you notice that the man in your life has an ever-expanding waistline, you might gently remind him of what the future may hold If things don’t change. And, give him help and encouragement in his weight loss efforts. The size of a man’s belly is the best predictor of erectile function.

Green Coffee Shown to Enhance Weight Loss

Pure Green Coffee Extract - Web

I’m often asked about the best supplements for weight loss. Most of the things I see sold have very little science to back them up. The exception to this rule seems to be green coffee extract.

Several well done peer-reviewed studies show that green coffee extract, in the range of 1100 to 1200 mg per day, does a good job of enhancing weight loss. Those who use an adequate dose of green coffee extract coupled with a reasonable diet and exercise program do a better job of losing weight than those who eat the same diet and do the same exercise without using the extract. There are also some indications that green coffee extract may have a beneficial effect on brain function, and prevention of some neurologic conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

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