Leading Edge Medicine: 8-9am on 06/30/2012

Air date 06-30-2012

Leading Edge Medicine on KTTH Radio (8am – 9am)
by Dr. Samira Ummat

Part 1

Dr. Samira Ummat responds to your calls.  First a talk on the new healthcare plan and its implications.  Then different approaches for nail fungus including Key Pharmacy’s compounded antifungal ointment and laser treatments.  Later Dr. Ummat shares her thoughts on vegetarianism and the importance of maintaining protein in the diet.  Also listen how LMC handles high TSH levels with Levothyroxine and testing.  Plus new LMC seminars on preventing dementia.  On this week’s Leading Edge Medicine.

Leading Edge Medicine: 9-10am on 01/12/2013

Air date 01-12-2013

Leading Edge Medicine on KTTH Radio (9am – 10am)
by Dr. Jerry Mixon

Part 2

Dr. Mixon responds to calls.  First what causes vertical ridges on nails, and a list of simple remedies to minimize them.Also a discussion on proper Keraderm dosing.  Later Dr. Mixon shares his opinion on the PACE Exercise Program and its benefit to weight loss.  And some health recommendations for living with Hepatitis C.Plus the validity of Resveratrol and Vitamins K, D, and C for preventing cancer growth.On this week’s Leading Edge Medicine.